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Graedon Parker is an internationally award winning Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur & Plant-based Lifestyle/Hemp Advocate - based in Auckland, Aotearoa NZ.

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Current Projects


Organic Mechanic

Organic Mechanic is a movement, leading our community through positive social enterprise towards a healthier, more conscious, connected, and sustainable future.

You can find OM Kombucha in most good cafes/health stores, and Sat/Sun @ La Cigale French Markets in Parnell from 9-1pm serving organic green smoothies, nutritious acai bowls, and probiotic OM Kombucha straight from the tap.

Hemp For Victory

Hemp For Victory is a social enterprise on a mission to help cultivate positive awareness about growing cannabis & hemp for food, fuel, fibre, clothing, medicine, freedom and prosperity in New Zealand and around the world.




Creative Services, Speaking/Education, & Design Coaching.

1. Signwriting & Typography

Premium quality creative design work

Graedon's unique handdrawn and organic approach can be applied in many different mediums, including branding, t-shirt design, chalk murals, illustration & painting.


1. Speaking & Education

Be informed and empowered.

- Gut Health & Probiotics
- Leading a Healthy Lifestyle
- Creating with Intention
- Building a Conscious Business
- The Hemp Revolution

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2. Brand Strategy Coaching

Change the world with design leadership.

Work one on one with Graedon for advice and direction on creating a strong branding & identity strategy to make a lasting impression on your clients and/or community.


Website design




branding & identity


Textiles & print


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Spatial design

Please get in touch below for a free quote.

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About Graedon


Artist, Philosopher, Entrepreneur

Graedon is an award winning Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur, Plant-based lifestyle Advocate and Speaker/Educator from Auckland, Aotearoa.

After suffering from a lifestyle orientated illness while at university in 2011 and experiencing the treatment of the conventional medical system, Graedon started to become deeply aware and interested in sharing the message of Hippocrates; "Food is Medicine", concentrating on the theme of "Education not Medication".

In 2013 he co-founded a small organic smoothie stall at the La Cigale French Markets in Parnell named Organic Mechanic. Over the last 4 years, the company has grown to become a leader the health & wellness community through it's positive community based enterprising focus.

Since late 2010, Graedon has been actively involved in the Cannabis/Hemp movement throughout New Zealand and digitally around the world. He founded Hemp For Victory in 2014 to help to educate people about its many different uses and applications, in particular it's positive contribution to climate change.

As an artist, his creative flare can be seen throughout his sketches, murals, photography, and other digital mediums. He is a regular contributing writer/photographer for the OM Blog and other publications, and currently Creative Director at Organic Mechanic.


Upcoming Events


March 15 - Huckleberry Glen Innes

wednesday march 15th - 7.30-9pm

Join us for an evening of discovery into why the digestive system is the source of optimal health and how to achieve it.

Tastings & Tutorials from:
> The Organic Mechanic – The Power of Kombucha
> The Kefir Company – How to create optimal gut health with Kefir
> Best Bones Broth – Healing the gut
> GOOD HEALTH Naturopath Vanessa Vucjich


"all disease begins in the gut."

- Hippocrates (the Father of Modern Medicine)

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"There is only one revolution tolerable to all men, all societies, all political systems: Revolution by design and invention."

- Buckminster Fuller


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