Rongoā Māori

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To get to know Te Ngahere, we must Listen. Watch. Notice the details. Be prepared to visit the forest, to build up a sense of really belonging, becoming part of the family of Tāne. To learn from the #Kaumātua (elders) is to be entrusted with the wisdom of traditional Rongoā Māori medicine. It is to carry the #Taonga (treasure), and realise that we are receiving not just the knowledge, but the responsibility to care for it and protect it. To ensure its survival.

It is our duty as #kaitiaki to understand our interconnected relationship to our forests, our rivers, and our mountains. To understand that when a river or forest is sick/polluted, inherently part of ourselves is also sick.

Rongoā Māori is so much more than the rakau (trees) and the medicinal chemistry in the leaves. It is about Te #Mauri (the life force) and Te #Wairua (the spiritual dimension) that flows through and connects all living things.

The knowledge of Rongoā Māori grew out of the tradition of being part of the forest and the accumulation of generations of close observation of every detail. To really know Rongoā Māori, we have to become a part of that tradition.


The Kereru; Gardener of the Skies


The native New Zealand Wood Pidgeon, endemic to Aotearoa and regarded as the "Gardener of the Skies"... Without them, our large native trees such as #Tawa, #Taraire, #Matai and #Puriri (seen in painting) would struggle to survive, as the Kererū play a crucial role being the only native bird big enough to carry seeds from the fruit of these larger trees, dropping them in new pastures for the #ngahere (forest) to continue to regenerate.

Nationally, around 20,000 Kereru have been observed in Aotearoa, but due to predators (possums, rats and stoats) and continued habitat loss by native deforestation, these numbers may begin to dwindle over the next few years.

This painting is the first of a series to educate and create awareness about our native birds and bushes of Aotearoa, drawing from conservation work and the #ketetuauri of indigenous Maori wisdom.

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The Hemp Revolution


In the photo above you will see New Zealand hemp legend Dave Jordan founder of @hempfarmnz separating the seeds from the mulch by hand at this years hemp harvest in April.

During this time I visited with Cam Sims and helped out with the very manual tasks of the harvest, which without the help of dedicated and expensive machinery, requires a full community and days of committed labour to complete.


As we approach planting season in NZ in late October, Dave and his wife Anne have been travelling across Europe to investigate the latest innovations in hemp growing, harvesting, and processing. This new knowledge will enable the Hemp Farm to take the New Zealand hemp industry to the next level, boosting both production volume and efficiency for local crops and growers.


Organic Mechanic, Hemp For Victory and I have some special news to share about this years grow in the coming weeks - stay tuned.

Pictures by @_plantculture

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Plant Power - The Planet Solution

PLANT POWER - I was brought up with the classic Kiwi mentality of eating meat almost every meal and every day.

Over the last 2 years, I haven't eaten a pig, cow, lamb, or chicken (or any other land dwelling animal) and I'm not just surviving - I'm thriving.

Instead, I have adopted a mainly plant based diet, with the equivalent of perhaps half a fish per week, and free range, organic eggs from our neighbours and local organic stores IE Produc  Huckleberr, and Wise Cicad. I won't buy dairy products on purpose, but if I do - I'll make sure it's organic and of the best quality.

In complete transparency and contrast to that, there are also times where you might catch me eating a V-Twin Vege burger or even the off chance of a #glutenplus pizza covered in cheese.

I am very aware and conscious of the impact on my body and the planet from my diet - and I am doing my best to be the change I want to see in the world whilst allowing the stretch room for experimentation and play.

On a deeper level, I have adopted this mentality not just for the health and respect of my body, but for a love of the animals, and responsibility for the protection and guardianship of the planet. #kaitiaki

Cage farming and our modern ways of raising animals and cattle for us to eat is both an environmental, ethical and spiritual travesty. As a collective society many of us have become completely detached from where our food comes from, & this is a fundamental issue that is affecting us as a civilization. This needs to change now. We need to take responsibility for our consumer choices & stop supporting practices which are destroying the planet and the needless slaughter of innocent animal lives.

If that is not yet hitting home, NZ has one of the highest intakes of meat & dairy in the world, and we also have corresponding highest rates of bowel and breast cancer... Not saying that meat is the reason for this, but an over intake of meat and dairy into a toxic, blocked up gut microbiome.

If this post can help to encourage one person to cut their meat intake and become more conscious about cage farming and where their food comes from, then I'll be a happy lad.

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King Tawhiao - The Second Maori King

From 1860, King Tawhiao's reign would last for 34 years, peacefully guiding his people through some of the most turbulent eras of Maori-Pakeha relations.

In 1863 during the invasion of Maori land by British forces under the pretext that Waikato tribes (United by Tawhiao) were "preparing to attack" Auckland, Tawhiao and his people were forced to retreat as refugees to the heartland of Waikato, which eventually became known as King Country.

In the peak of his reign, King Tawhaio's mana and sphere of influence stretched from the Bombay hills to as far East as Tauranga, West as Raglan and as far south as Taupo. His visionary leadership and prophetic presence held a shining light of hope and an ideological example for his people (Followers of the King Movement) throughout these times.

His values of Kaitiaki left a legacy for Maori culture, adapting to the rapidly changing Aotearoa landscape, with a dream for a self sufficient economic base, supported by the strength of its people. Native trees and foods symbolise strength and self-sufficiency in his statement "I shall build my own house, the ridge pole work be of hinau (tall forest tree), and the supporting posts of mohoe and patete (common trees). This who inhabit the house shall be raised on rengarenga (NZ Spinach) and nurtured on kawariki (Edible plant)."


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The Cannabis Revolution

When I think about the damage that alcohol has caused in our society... How many cases of heart disease and liver toxicity directly attributed to alcohol consumption have ended lives... How many acts of violence, idiotic behaviour and bad decisions have been made under its influence... How our streets can be visually polluted with advertising from giant alcohol companies glorifying a life of decadence and splendour - it is no wonder our youth have a huge social problem with binge drinking.

In this picture, are medicinal cannabis plants. A sister plant to hemp, (which focuses on producing seeds and fibre) as these grow beautifully fragrant flowers/herbs which can be dried & prepared for medicinal/sacramental and recreational purposes.

There have been zero deaths attributed to Cannabis use around the world for the last 100+ years. People don't get violent when they smoke the herb. Nobody gets raped. People get creative, and it's quite hard to ignore the connection to Mother Nature and oneness one can feel. When it is used with proper preparation and wisdom, Cannabis can even cure and relieve chronic diseases and auto-immune conditions like seizures, Multiple Schlerosis, and even cancer.

To the uneducated individual, it is quite likely that everything we think we know about cannabis is wrong.

Like anything though, Cannabis can also be abused. It can heighten existing psychological traumas or issues by bringing them out into the open, and repetitive use can create negative behavioural patterns, becoming a coping mechanism to escape from the daily struggle of real life. I have seen both sides...

With my experiences I feel it is time to bring this out into the open. To make a point as to how we glorify the socially destructive nature of alcohol and suppress the healing and earth regenerating herb.

The societal issues with cannabis are not criminal offences, but health issues. At the very least, it's time to decriminalise Cannabis, and open the doors for ways in which it can help and heal us as a society - the way that hemp certainly is.

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Entrepreneurship = Perserverance

Organic Mechanic was born out of a dream to do things differently, to be liberated from society's ideals of having a career, of having a job, being a cog in the machine, working on someone else's dreams.. Instead we live life in the highest alignment of our own dreams, taking control of our own future and lifestyle full of freedom, abundance and adventure, all whilst creating the biggest possible positive impact on the world around us.

Along the path, we have encountered many people who simply told us "no", people who couldn't see and appreciate our vision. But this has only given us more motivation to succeed. We are grounded in the affirmation that we are unstoppable, and feel in the words of Steve Jobs that "about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance."

That is spending the extra hours past midnight, sending that extra email, helping that person unload their stock from the car, getting right back up when things go wrong, and going the extra mile (every time) which is in our case brewing thousands of litres of kombucha while the world is still sleeping.. (Last night this happened - Yeeea Budgie Lemons Rajeev and JBoogie Jason Corliss.) Or leaving Splore Festival to go and build the ‪#‎OMshack‬ - yeeea Gradie Plums.. Or perhaps it is spending days on end delivering OM Kombucha to over 75 stores when the courier lets us down - Yeeeea Nicky Avos a.k.a. Nick Corliss.

If you wake up every morning and aren't absolutely stoked, excited and inspired about the job or activity you are about to do, something needs to change. The legend ‪#‎JimCarrey‬ once said, "you could fail at a job you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

Don't settle for anything less.

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