The Hemp Revolution


In the photo above you will see New Zealand hemp legend Dave Jordan founder of @hempfarmnz separating the seeds from the mulch by hand at this years hemp harvest in April.

During this time I visited with Cam Sims and helped out with the very manual tasks of the harvest, which without the help of dedicated and expensive machinery, requires a full community and days of committed labour to complete.


As we approach planting season in NZ in late October, Dave and his wife Anne have been travelling across Europe to investigate the latest innovations in hemp growing, harvesting, and processing. This new knowledge will enable the Hemp Farm to take the New Zealand hemp industry to the next level, boosting both production volume and efficiency for local crops and growers.


Organic Mechanic, Hemp For Victory and I have some special news to share about this years grow in the coming weeks - stay tuned.

Pictures by @_plantculture

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