About Graedon


Artist, Philosopher, Entrepreneur

Graedon is an award winning Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur, Plant-based lifestyle Advocate and Speaker/Educator from Auckland, Aotearoa.

After suffering from a lifestyle orientated illness while at university in 2011 and experiencing the treatment of the conventional medical system, Graedon started to become deeply aware and interested in sharing the message of Hippocrates; "Food is Medicine", concentrating on the theme of "Education not Medication".

In 2013 he co-founded a small organic smoothie stall at the La Cigale French Markets in Parnell named Organic Mechanic. Over the last 4 years, the company has grown to become a leader the health & wellness community through it's positive community based enterprising focus.

Since late 2010, Graedon has been actively involved in the Cannabis/Hemp movement throughout New Zealand and digitally around the world. He founded Hemp For Victory in 2014 to help to educate people about its many different uses and applications, in particular it's positive contribution to climate change.

As an artist, his creative flare can be seen throughout his sketches, murals, photography, and other digital mediums. He is a regular contributing writer/photographer for the OM Blog and other publications, and currently Creative Director at Organic Mechanic.